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Thursday, June 09, 2005


'The Camera is my friend . . . it will be credible for any event.'

Nasser Ishtaiah, Palestinian journalist was shot yesterday by an Israeli soldier while filming the Marda villagers' protest against the theft of their lands. Ishtayyeh's pregnant wife while in labor lost her baby during a curfew in Nablus when she was prevented from the occupier from going to hospital.

According to Palestine News Network, "While Ishtaiah followed the events in Marda, an Israeli soldier took aim at his leg and fired. The purposeful shot knocked the journalist to the ground, injuring not only him, but his camera as well.

"Ishtaiah remembers being injured nine times during his 11 years of work. The first injury was on the lands of the village of Kufur Kaddum, southwest of Nablus. He was covering a demonstration against the settlements. Israeli occupation forces shot him with a rubber bullet. The same thing happened in other areas of the West Bank, such as Tulkuram. During an Israeli military invasion of Nablus, soldiers shot him near Joseph’s Tomb, across from Balata Refugee Camp in the eastern part of the city.

"Forty Jewish settlers attacked Ishtaiah in 2001 while he was on the road to Huwara and Za'tara villages, destroying his car. The Israeli government prevented him from leaving the country to participate in international conferences."

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