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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Zionist Provocateurs Provide Excuse For Gas Powered Gun to Kids' Heads

Helena Cobban and Electronic Intifada have reports of Zionist infiltration of a non-violent demonstration in Bil'in. Do Palestinians have a chance against this vicious enemy, whose every violation of human decency is paid for by eight million U.S. tax dollars a day? Follow the links to see how the racist Zionists shoot kids in the head with experimental weapons. Their crime: Protesting the theft of their own farmland. This is madness. Write your bought off congressman today so that you can get the standard reply: "Israel has a right to defend itself," or "Palestinians must stop the incitement which appears in their textbooks." An excerpt from EI follows:

In a demonstration held last Thursday, undercover Israeli provocateurs threw stones at Israeli soldiers and border police. Special forces used a gas powered gun, not previously used in the West Bank, capable of firing rapid rounds of plastic bullets filled with a white powder (which is currently being analyzed) that caused intense pain to the people shot.

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