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Monday, May 02, 2005


X-ray room kills woman and injures fetus

Israeli X-ray room kills woman and injures fetus at Rafah border
Wisam Afifeh, Gaza City

A Rafah woman, Fatma Abu Aba’id, died late Thursday night while on her way to receive medical treatment in Egypt. The 55 year-old woman from Brazil neighborhood was forced to pass through an X-ray machine in the “radiation room” at the Egypt – Rafah border in the southern Gaza Strip. She died within 15 minutes of leaving the room.

Official medical sources report that Aba’id died because of the radiation and its effect on her heart.

A Friday, the day after Aba’id died, another woman discovered fetal deformation due to the radiation. Thirty year-old Nahed Adabus, reports that her fetus suffered damage after she passed through the machine.

Her doctor, Ahmed Anatour, told Adabus that the head of her fetus is deformed because of the radiation. The woman, who has given birth to nine children, says that this is the first time she passed any difficulties with a fetus. Adabus told Israeli soldiers at the border that she was four months pregnant and could not risk passing through the machine, but soldiers forced her through.

Her husband, Mohammad Adabus is making a court case against the Israeli government and is drafting a call to human rights and international organizations.

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