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Thursday, May 05, 2005


Twenty Students Sign Petition Stating that Claim Against Massad Was False


That each of us was present during the Spring 2002 class
referred to by Deena Shanker in her accusations and by the Ad
Hoc Committee in its report.

- That these accusations by Deena Shanker are unequivocally false
and that the findings of the Ad Hoc Committee pertaining to them
are incorrect.

- That Professor Massad did not in any way order or even suggest
to any student that she should leave his class, nor did he raise his
voice to the student or react “heatedly” to her claims regarding the
actions of the Israeli Defense Forces.

- That Professor Massad consistently treated his students with
respect and always adhered to a policy of encouraging students
to participate in the class actively in classroom discussion and to
think critically about the course materials.

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