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Thursday, May 05, 2005


Stop Funding the Murder of Children

Dear Senator Boxer,

Tonight Uday Mufeed and Jamal Jaber, fourteen and fifteen are dead. They bled to death after being shot by Israeli Defense Forces. The ambulance was held up at Qalandiya checkpoint; they might have lived if they'd gotten to the hospital in time. Their crime was protesting the Apartheid Wall which is destroying the land where the boys until yesterday lived. Once again, Israel kills kids in their own neighborhood, and there is not a word of outrage from one elected representative. What will you do about this, Senator? I am heartsick. Don't insult my intelligence by writing the stock answer that "Israel has a right to defend itself," or that "Palestinians need to change textbooks to stop incitement." You may be able to fool a lot of ignorant Americans, but not me because I am Palestinian-American, and I knew the score a long time ago, and I am mad at the U.S. Congress' hypocrisy, and I, along with a lot of others who are finally wising up and getting educated despite the omnipresent avalanche of Israeli apologist propaganda, will not stop until we bring to the light of day the hypocrisy of a Congress that continues to fund Israel's crimes against humanity.



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