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Friday, May 13, 2005


Spielberg to make movie about 1972 Olympics

So Spielberg is making a movie about the 1972 Olympics. For what purpose? To ensure that Americans will keep paying for Israel's racism? My tenth grade students perceived very quickly after reading Dan McGowan's letter about Elie Wiesel's hypocrisy that the U.S. supports racism. We had a socratic seminar on his letter after they read Night in their social studies class. I am quite sure that they would blindly support Israel because of the effect of Night if I hadn't pointed out to them the extent of Wiesel's humanitarianism. It is very simple, but most U.S. school kids don't have the benefit of a Palestinian-American English teacher. Is a movie about Leon Klinghoffer forthcoming as well? Will we ever see a movie about the countless aged Palestinians who have met their deaths by the Israelis? Is Alison Weir's study that Israeli children's deaths are reported thirteen times more than Palestinian children's deaths starting to scare the Zionist apologists so that we will now be presented with a blockbusteer about the Munich Olympics? Something that occurred thirty-two years ago. Why, why, why? To demonize, demonize, demonize. To make sure that the Israelis may continue to confiscate land, uproot olive trees, hold up pregnant women and sick people at checkpoints, imprison Palestinians in bantustans, keep eight thousand political prisoners, extort money from ignorant Americans? And shame on any Arab actors who prostitute themselves to appear in this movie.

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