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Monday, May 09, 2005


Publicly funded Film Museum Frankfurt am Main Shows the anti-Semitic Propaganda Film Paradise Now Open Letter

Is it possible that the Zionists in Germany are more hysterical than the American ones? Probably not, but they do give them a run for their money. This is the last paragraph that I've translated from a lengthy; i.e., if one is translating from German to English, letter from the Association Against Anti-Semitism, entitled " Open Letter to the Publicly Funded Filmmuseum Frankfurt am Main which Shows the Anti-Semitic Paradise Now:

We demand that this scandalous programming of a municipal cinema end promptly, and that the named films [Paradise Now and Route 181]be taken off the program and the responsible program leader, above all Ulrike Stiefelmayer, pay personal consequences. Because who calls the film Paradise Now good, confesses to anti-Semitic propaganda, and desires and celebrates the murder of Jewish Israelis.

More to follow . . .

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