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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Nancy Pelosi's "unconscionable" Disdain For Palestinian Lives

I read House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's speech to AIPAC posted on Al-Awda Media this morning.

The congresswoman from San Francisco waxes eloquently about the old and disabled on her website: "The President already wants to take up to $675 a month from the average Californian's guaranteed retirement benefits to pay for privatization. Now the Administration wants to risk the financial security of hundreds of thousands of Californians who depend upon Social Security in the wake of a loved one's death or the onset of a disability. That is unconscionable."

What's unconscionable, Congresswoman is your utter disdain for Palestinian lives as you unconscionably prostitute yourself for AIPAC money: "There are those who contend that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is all about Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. This is absolute nonsense. In truth, the history of the conflict is not over occupation, and never has been: it is over the fundamental right of Israel to exist."

Pelosi would have us believe that the current conflict isn't about demolishing houses, assassinating leaders, shooting kids through the head in their own neighborhoods, giving birth and miscarrying at checkpoints, uprooting thousand year old olive trees, demolishing thousand year old edifices, stripping men in public, torturing over eight thousand political prisoners, preventing people from going to the hospital, going to school, getting medical attention; the conflict isn't about destroying educational and cultural documents; it isn't about justice, according to politician Pelosi.

And now the Zionists and their obsequious minions harp on Israel's "fundamental right to exist," as if this is some sort of sacrosanct mantra to anyone except for Zionists and their anything but "Christian" Zionist cohorts. Not one western politician has ever explained, other than through years of pernicious lies, obfuscations, and disinformation, just why Eastern European Jews had a right to ethnically cleanse 750,000 indigenous inhabitants in 1948, assume ownership of their possessions, lock, stock, and barrel, and destroy over four hundred of their villages. Not one of them has ever explained how the thuggish colonists in Hebron and other places in the West Bank get away with beating kids on their way to school, breaking windows, poisoning sheep and wells, and a whole hellish host of other criminal offenses.

Give me one Alison Weir for ninety-nine percent of the five hundred and thirty-five member Congress. Alison, who has so brilliantly and painstakingly exposed a corrupted western media, and has faced death threats for her principled stand on behalf of the rights of the Palestinians. Growing up I choked on the speeches of US politicians because I knew that their pious talk about human rights never extended to the Palestinians.

Pelosi concluded her speech with the following: "In the words of Isaiah, we will make ourselves to Israel 'as hiding places from the winds and shelters from the tempests; as rivers of water in dry places; as shadows of a great rock in a weary land.' The United States will stand with Israel now and forever. Now and forever."

Phony, prostituted, pseudo-pious politicians stand with Israel "now and forever." Concerned, conscientious, and incorruptible Americans, i.e, of the caliber of Alison Weir, who as far as I know is a citizen of the United States, pursue justice for all inhabitants of this world, to include Palestinians, non-entities for most of our elected officials.

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