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Friday, May 13, 2005


Joschka Fischer: Israel's Best German Freund

BERLIN (inn) - Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs Joschka Fischer emphasized the necessity for the military superiority of Israel. Many people are not aware that Israel is dependent on this superiority because of the constant threat to its existence. "As one, who really considers himself a friend of Israel, I have the impression that many people in Europe, not only in Germany, do not sufficiently grasp, why Israel needs a position of military superiority, not for any military considerations. Since the existence of the state of Israel, it was never really recognized by its neighbors, wherefore Israel, stamped through the Schoah, had to always fight for its existence. This requires military superiority, said Fischer in an interview with the weekly newspaper, Die Zeit.

The Minister regards the anniversary of the forty year existence of the diplomatic relationship between Israel and Germany as a chance, "to mediate the access of the new generation into the existence problems of Israel."

The Basis of this relationship remains defined by the Schoah, the mass murder committed by the Germans of the Jews, according to Fischer. "One is not allowed to forget that. That will remain for a long time." The special aspect of the relationship in the meantime should be stamped less by guilt feelings, than through the historical moral responsiblity that Germany has.

It is moreover not more exclusively about the past, said Fischer. "It is self-evident that we must look ahead. On many levels Germany always still appears to be Israel's lawyer. There is a wide spectrum of technical, scientific, and cultural cooperation. He advocates German-Israeli work with youth. "That could in view of the generation change be very, very helpful."

Next to the USA Germany is one of Israel's most reliable friends, explained Fishcher. Israel's trust is nevertheless stronger in the USA than in Europe. Because in Israel one asks: "Would they really come to our aid, if it was needed. One is confident that the USA would, but I betray no secret that with the Europeans there are some questions."

Israel looks increasingly toward Europe, ascertained the Minister. "And Europe is through this expansion drawing always closer. "Consequently, Europe will become for Israel especially important," as it already is in exchange in the areas of commerce and science.

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