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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


A Hierarchy of Persecution

The fictions embodied in the Zionist narrative continue to lay waste to history, writes Nayef Hawatmeh.

The conclusion from a brilliant analysis of the Zionist narrative by DFLP's Secretary-General. Entire article is well worth reading.

The hierarchical system of Israeli persecution is perpetuated by the nature of Israeli society, shaped by its continued determination to establish itself as an ethnically defined colonialist national entity that sustains its impetus by continually reproducing the type of nationalist chauvinist ideologies with which the Nazis justified their crimes against humanity and which form the driving force behind the crimes against humanity that Israel is perpetuating against the Palestinians today. It is precisely the closed, self-feeding nature of this system that precludes the possibility of a much needed revision of the Zionist historical narrative and its fictional rhetoric. It seems unlikely that Zionism will admit to its share of responsibility for the injustices visited upon the Jews of Europe in WWII and even less likely that it will admit to its responsibility for the plight of the Palestinians. The Zionist establishment is still performing the function for which it was created: producing human catastrophes, not preventing them.

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