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Thursday, April 14, 2005


What's In A Name, Ibrahim?

My dear cyberpal "Cutter," author of the thoughtful, intelligent, and incisive blog, peacepalestine suggests that we form a counter Campus Watch. Well, I have my first candidate, Little Green Footballs for their response to the murder of the three Rafah boys.

"Here’s another anti-Israel article by Associated Press Palestinian [I'm getting rather fond of Charles Jacobs of David Project's infamy adjective, "Palestinianist"] propagandist Ibrahim Barzak, with a ridiculously slanted headline: Israeli Troops Kill 3 Palestinian Teens"

This from a site which gets zillions of hits a day. I could have a field day taking this innocuous headline, which Little Green Footballs finds so "ridiculously slanted," and making it palatable to the Zionists, but I'll just pass this time. There is a method to their madness according to Paul de Rooij (see earlier post). Little Green Footballs is deliberately far-out to ease the way for the mainstream media to be more reactionary; this has certainly been born out by the New York mainstream press, several of whom want the heads of the Columbia professors. Another reason for outfits like Little Green Footballs: I wasn't impressed with Barzak's coverage; I've written about this in earlier posts. If I complain to AP, and the footballers complain AP can just throw up its hands and say, "We must be doing something right; everyone is upset with us."

If you can stomach entering the world of racists, check out the one hundred and seventy-three comments that accompanied the story.

In the meantime, Ibrahim, have you thought about "Abe Barza" for a pen name?

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