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Friday, April 08, 2005


Uninformed Comment From DC Media Girl

This from DC Media Girl (http://www.dcmediagirl.com), a widely read "liberal" blog in the states. God really does need to bless America when one who passes herself off as a "media girl" doesn't know the difference between a website operating out of Dubai which calls itself Al-Jazeera and the real thing. To her credit, media girl deleted this post after receiving several comments (including mine advising her to delete the post) apprising her that what she ignorantly assumed was Al-Jazeera was not.

"Just look what I found on the Internet! [mediagirl links to bogus aljazeera here]

In America, the Zionist domination of the media is so great that it is almost on the verge of becoming a ’Jews-only’ industry. In American politics, the Zionists are taking over more and more departments of state.

So where did I get this? Some white supremacist site, or maybe kukluxklan.com? Nope.

It’s from an article featured on the homepage of Al Jazeera’s Web site. [imagine, the girl who sobbed because one of the big time "liberal" bloggers didn't get invited to the National Press Club has never accessed Al-Jazeera in English]
What else did I find? In the left hand nav, there’s a link to a charming section called "Conspiracy Theories". I figured that since this is supposed to be a news site, this section was set up to debunk some of the more idiotic rumors burbling in the Arab press. No such luck. Here’s an example of the sort of offering found in this category:

Coinidence? There was exactly 911 days between the World Trade Centre attacks on 9/11 and the recent bombings in Madrid that left hundreds dead.

What do you think, is this a coinidence or is someone trying to tell us something.

Most of the stories address the evil of Jews, as is to be expected; a combination of sickening propaganda, fantasy, and anti-Semitism that would be the envy of Joseph Goebbels. If you loved and admired the documentary CONTROL ROOM, be sure to click around this Web site and see the other side of the story."

Imagine how U.S. foreign policy might change if one of these widely read "liberal" bloggers was informed about the Middle East.

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