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Saturday, April 23, 2005


It's Not Good For Princeton 'To Have Someone Like That'

Zionists have the monopoly on education re Palestine-Israel in the lower grades; they are determined not to see the brainwash undone in college.

Dear Editor:

Some of the Daily Princetonian readers are probably too young to remember a film with Gregory Peck, Gentleman's Agreement, which dealt with Gentiles efforts to exclude Jews from clubs, etc. Nowadays, if a teacher has Palestinian ethnicity and doesn't follow a Zionist script, I'd recommend a field other than education unless he or she is prepared for a smear campaign, which is currently being launched against Dr. Rashid Khalidi, in hopes of precluding a possible Princeton appointment.

Some Princeton alumni and students [ Daily Princetonian, April 22] have joined David Horowitz and Martin Kramer in this effort. Princeton alumnus Arlene Pedovich says, "Some Princeton alumni are very concerned about the possibility of Princeton Univeristy hiring an individual who has a political agenda rather than a scholarly approach to history."

Pedovich offers absolutely no evidence that Khalidi has anything other than a "scholarly approach to history," but this doesn't seem to bother her. According to the writer, Pedovich "fears that the appointment of Khalidi would renew the image of Princeton as a school hostile to Jews." Does Pedovich feel that hiring a German might give the perception that Princeton is a school hostile to Jews?

Pedovich continues, "Many alumni and students are concerned that a potential appointment of Professor Khalidi will be used as an excuse to describe Princeton as anti-Semitic again."

Echoing Pedovich student Jonathan Elist (07) "thinks the University should consider more than just scholarship in this case." Like what? Ethnicity? Whether a candidate has signed in blood that Israel has a right to exist? He says, "On a perception level it's not good for Princeton to have someone like that on their faculty."

Someone like that? The statements of Pedovich and Elist are almost comical, but unfortunately in this neo-McCarthy era not easily dismissed.

Sincerely yours,

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