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Saturday, April 23, 2005


David Corn Shakes Hand With Devil Twice

David Corn is the Washington editor of the Nation magazine. He was informed by Mick Spaulding, the vice chancellor for development at Arkansas State University Mountain Home that a speaking engagement scheduled for April was cancelled because Corn's website contains an ad for anti-Bush gear. In Corn's widely read website, he relates the incident and writes, "No doubt, such champions of ideological diversity on campuses like radical-turned-rightist David Horowitz will rally to my side."

And that is exactly what Horowitz did, the national campus director of his organization, Students for Academic Freedom, Sara Dogan, wrote a letter to the university on behalf of Corn.

Corn acknowledges the letter and does not do anything to disassociate himself from this organization, thus lending it legitimacy. In fact, in the same post entitled "Shaking Hands With the Devil," he professes guilt for shaking hands with Paul Wolfowitz. Is the irony lost on Corn?

On April 22, Horowitz wrote the following screed on his blog regarding Professor Rashid Khalidi's application to work at Princeton. "Indications are that Rashid Khalidi may be following Farrrakhan fawner and Shartpon [sic] adviser Cornel West to Princeton. Princetonians are already concerned that this may revive the school's long buried reputation for anti-Semitism, earned in an era (which I remember well) when no Jews needed to apply to the school."

It would appear that Corn has sullied his hand more than once.

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