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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Beery on the Good, Khalidi and the Bad, Massad, Arabs

I wonder what spurred Ariel Beery, Columbia student, spearhead behind the Columbia Unbecoming film, who characterizes himself as a former peace activist in Gaza (hard to imagine a peace activist who maintains that occupied territories aren't occupied, but since Beery posts from HonestReporting so often, which has a little peace activism of its own going on now featuring a poster of a little Palestinian boy with a gun, we know that his "peace activism" is anything but peaceful, rather another Zionist agenda masquerading as "peace" education, not missing an opportunity to portray Palestinans as violence-prone.

Beery takes Issa Mikel to task for his April 14 editorial in the Columbia Spectator, "Criticism and Propaganda," citing Mikel for "intellectual laziness" for concluding that Beery has targeted both professors Rashid Khalidi and Joseph Massad. Beery wants to make it clear; however, that there are good Arabs and bad Arabs, Khalidi falling into the former category.

Hard to tell from Beery's blog from May 7, 2003, in which he referred to Professor Khalidi as a "demagogue," and a "racist."

"I don't know how to break it to you, Rashid, but Iraqis don't care much about the whole Palestinian problem. Traditionally, relations between Iraq's Muslim and Jewish communities couldn't have been better, and to automatically assume that all Arabs must hate Jews is, well, racist and ignorant.

"If Rashid were a political scientist and not a demagogue, maybe he would catch up on the research into democratization and know that democracy dosn't come with a bang.

"Rashid wouldn't be bending the facts to suit his politics, would he?"

Beery says again in his "good" Arab, "bad" Arab manner that [referring to Khalidi]"one is teaching, the other is indoctrination." [we already know to whom Beery refers here]

Beery didn't think so highly of Khalid's teaching in the not so distant past, but true to form, is unusually stuck on his own intellectual prowess:

"Just think, if I, an undergraduate student, can so easily poke holes in his articles, how good a professor can he be?"

Beery, in an effort to distance himself from Charles Jacobs, his patron from Project David, who got a little out of hand at Beery's Columbians for Academic Justice forum, attempts to show that just as there are "good" Arabs and "bad" Arabs, there are also "good" Zionists and "bad" Zionists. Beery, of course, the savior of Gaza youth, puts himself in the former category.

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