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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


What Lesson, Kofi Annan?

Kofi Annan, at the opening of Yad Vashem Museum said today that the world has drawn lessons from it.

"The Holocaust was not just a Jewish experience. It is an experience of great importance to the whole world," said Annan.

What lessons has Mr. Annan drawn? Stopthewall reports "Deep hostility has been created by Annan's refusal to visit any areas of the Apartheid Wall, or any of the refugee camps which had invited him."

And the words from the Arab killer,Sharon:

"When you leave this museum, you see the sky of Jerusalem. I know how a Jew feels when he emerges from these depths and breathes the air of Jerusalem. He feels at home. He feels protected. He feels the terrible difference between living in one's own country, in one's homeland, in a country which can provide protection, and standing alone, utterly defenseless, confronting a beast in human form."

Mr. Sharon then added the real message of Yad Vashem: "He knows Israel is the only place in the world where Jews have the right to defend themselves, and that proves the Jewish people will never know another Holocaust."

Yad Vashem is a stone's throw from Deir Yassein. I hope that one day Ariel Sharon and Kofi Annon will learn their lessons.

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