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Monday, March 28, 2005


Pro Zionist Think Tank Advocates Policy of "Constructive Instability for Lebanon, Syria"

Below are three stories from the pro-Zionist think tank Washington Institute for Near East Policy. The Board of Advisors includes Jeane Kirkpatrick, Samuel Lewis, former U.S. ambassador to Israel; Martin Peretz, the rabid Zionist; Richard Perle, Mortimer Zuckerman, and Paul Wolfowitz (resigned upon appointment to Federal Service). To provide an example of their Zionist leanings, two book titles they recommend on Palestine:
The West Bank Fence: A Vital Component in Israel's Stragtegy of Defense and
A Defensible Fence: Fighting terror and Enabling a Two-State Solution.
They have big plans for Lebanon and Syria. Below is an excerpt. Complete stories here, here, and here. Thanks very much, Raja. An excerpt:

Lebanon and Syria are places where the administration’s policy of “constructive instability” is being put to an early test. Before this policy has run its course, America and its local allies are sure to suffer tactical defeats and nightmarish moments. But if the administration is able to maintain a dogged, incremental persistence—neither overplaying its hand nor recoiling at the first sign of setback—then the prospects for continued positive change remain strong.

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