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Friday, March 25, 2005


Anti-Israel=Anti-Semitism Lessons Slated for German Schools

Vielen Dank, I.S. for these links: here and here. I have translated some of the points from a powerpoint and introductory letter put out by the group Bundesband Juedischer Studenten in Deutschland, BJSD, (Association of Jewish Students in Germany) about their project, Israel Short Questionary, also known as "I Ask You," or ISQ. One of the sponsors is the President of the German Bundestag (Parliament) Dr. Rita Suessmuth. The group cites as one of its goals to present Israel as a democratic and modern society to German school children. The children are presented with twenty-four questions about Jews in Germany and Israel. Question Five asks about Israel's Capitol. Tel Aviv is not provided as a response. The ISQ members, who include Mike, Micky, and Vicky hope that the questions will lead to more questions and further discussion.

The powerpoint is telling and provides insight into the nature of this undertaking. ISQ aims to dispell, according to them, certain misconceptions that Germans have about Israel. One is that Germans believe that Israel is at fault for the Middle East conflict. The group also intends to dispell what they perceive as "one-sided reporting" in the German media: reports that "Israel violates human rights"; Israel is building an apartheid wall; Israel violates international law, and that Israel is destroying Palestinian civilization.

ISQ maintains that anti-Israel views develop into anti-Semitism and that anti-Israelismus (anti-Israelism?) and anti-Semitism are growing. The intend to "combat prejudice through explanation.(enlightenment?)" According to ISQ "ignorance spreads false impressions."

For those of you who believe that the way to attain peace in Palestine is through justice and not through dissemination of propaganda please write President Suessmuth:

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.mult. Rita Süssmuth

Präsidentin des Deutschen Bundestages a. D


Platz der Republik 1

11011 Berlin
(030) 227 – 77 99 8

(030) 227 – 76 99 8

Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth· Bundeshaus Platz der Republik 1 11011 Berlin

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