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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Toxic Transplants Reveal Spiritless Judaism


Go to Mohammed's blog right now. Look at the pictures and read his words (thanks, Joe). And then read what the transplants from North America have to say below about the indigenous people of the area and maybe you'll understand why it's nothing to them to wipe out entire families and then vilify them by referring to them as living in the house of a Hamas activist. "Hamas activist shields himself among civilians." How many times have I heard that odious Regev and Gillerman bleat that soundbite today. The civilians are his seven kids and wife. He was a doctor. And he's dead, and seven of his kids are dead, and his wife is dead. Israel is wiping out entire families and then blaming the victims. And transplants who immigrate from the US are writing in their blogs as if they are the victims of something? What? Pray tell? Three soldiers are taken in military operations in order to hopefully get some of our women and kids out of Israeli jails and you beat your breasts in agony?

Persecution in the US? Is that why you went to historic Palestine? When a Jew is president of Harvard, when Jews are prominant in every field in the US, is that such a bad life that you must immigrate somewhere else at the expense of others?

I believe that there is something fundamentally wrong with perfectly well off Jews who immigrate to historic Palestine knowing what Israel has done to Palestine's indigenous people. They need to find and fulfill themselves in another way. Join an ashram. Get over being Moses in the wilderness. Obviously, their Judaism is without soul and spirit if this is the way that they treat others. Palestinians always welcomed Jews who were willing to live amongst them and adapt to their ways and I really don't care to hear anyone's irrational ramblings about dhimmitude or whatever; I never even heard of that word before I started getting toxic comments from the racists who call me an Islamo-facist, which is a joke for those who know me.

This thirty-something is from New Orleans. She recently immigrated to historic Palestine. She needs to go back to the United States. Her toxic racist supremacist attitude is out of place in Palestine. Just exactly what in her character informs such arrogance towards the indigenous people to the land? And this was also the attitude of the early Zionists toward the indigenous people according to essays written by early Zionists which are included in Walid Khalidi's From Haven to Conquest.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"F***. Hezbollah has attacked our northern border and kidnapped two of our soldiers. I am not going to say anything more because right now I am having the very non-rational and certainly non-peaceful response of "go in and bomb the living F*** out of Lebanon. Bomb the living F*** out of Gaza. No holds barred" as a pretty minor statement of my feelings at the moment. So I'm not going to post right now. I am going to go away from the keyboard. I am going to go and repeat the name Ghandi about a thousand times. I am going to go shopping. I will hopefully return in a more non-warlike frame of mind. I can't guarantee it."


"Had a conversation with a friend today. She is even more to the left than I am. She was in tears. 'We've just been wasting our time and our energy hoping for peace, working for peace, believing that they want and value the same things as we do. They don't. They don't even care about themselves, about their own interests, about their own people. I can't do it anymore, I've had enough,' she said, 'I'm washing my hands of it. They can go to hell in the handbasket of their own making.'"

Well, what can I say? Just go back home to the US, gals. Find some people who "value the same things" that you do. Because you're not going to find any Palestinians who after you've stolen ninety-two percent of their country to mouth the magic words, "You had a RIGHT to do it." Guess we just don't VALUE the same things!

Here's another transplant's suggestion:


"If that means turning the famed cedars of Lebanon into matchwood... so be it.

"If that means setting Lebanon's electrical grid and physical infrastructure back to 1986... so be it.

"If that means effecting regime change in Syria via f-16... so be it.

"If that means destroying entire Iranian cities to force them to stop producing nuclear weapons they have promised to use to destroy us... so be it.

"If that means targeting terrorists who deliberately choose to operate out of Gaza apartment buildings... so be it.

"If that means that the life of every Arab in the region is made so miserable that human rights organizations around the world scream in unison for Israel to stop... so be it. They certainly don't scream when Israelis are killed, mained or kidnapped... so as far as I'm con erned, they can take their thinly veiled Jew hatred and throw a nice party over at the U.N."

Wake up, fellow Americans. Immigrants to Israel do not have America's interests at heart. Say No to Israel as a "Jewish" state in which racist supremacists think nothing of voicing such odious sentiments on the internet. The morals embraced by North American transplants to Israel are in conflict with every principle that we embrace in the United States. Palestinians like the US. My dad and my aunts and uncles attended the Friends School, established by American Quakers in Ramallah. All his brothers and sisters thrived and continue to thrive in the US. My dad used to play bridge with Jews in Ramallah. Two of my cousins are married to Jews. It's not about disliking Jews; it's about disliking a toxic supremacism that accompanies one who feels entitled to obtain something for him or herself at the expense of the civil and human rights of others.

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