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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Israel Continues Genocidal Outrages

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I hope that the 24,000 North American and British Jews who immigrate to Israel this year, undoubtably fleeing persecution (Ambassador to Israel Kurtzner's brother)in the US and the UK enjoy their stay. Write letters to your local newspapers beseeching them to report the wanton killings of the "Jewish" state. Six million Jews died in the dark; please don't sit by while Palestinians die in the dark. Hold the media responsible. According to the Geneva Convention, Israel is supposed to insure the safety of the civilians it occupies, not kill them. Do something. Please don't just cry or complain; take positive action; write or call Congress and write to the media.

The excerpt below is from Ma'an. Most likely Palestine Center for Human Rights, Gaza can not keep up on all of Israel's criminal murders from today and yesterday, no details from their investigations yet.

"The targeted Israeli strike destroyed a building consisting of three floors, killed at least nine Palestinian citizens from one family, including Dr. Abu Selmiyah, his wife Salwa Matar, 40, their four sons and two children one recently born. An unconfirmed number were injured."

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