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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Tales From the 'Zionist Terrorist Closet'

On this Memorial Day for Fallen Israeli Soldiers and Israeli Victims of Terrorism some tales from the 'Zionist Terrorist Closet':

The Zionist terror skeletons in all its many closets rattle so loudly. Zionist Israel is in sum simply stolen from Palestine- every blessed inch and every inspiring idea usurped and twisted into a home wrecking killing machine. Anne Seldon Annab

Purity of Arms Revisited on Memorial Day for Fallen [Israeli]Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism At least 20 soldiers broke into the house shouting on us to get out, and we did. One of the soldiers asked me about my son Ameen, and he threatened me if I did not tell them about his shelter, they would destroy the house. He asked my son, 18-year-old Adham, the same question 6 times. When we denied our knowledge of his place, IOF soldiers started to destroy the furniture. They also asked my husband about our son, and took my daughter, 16-year-old Ghoroub, into a room and interrogated her about her brother. At approximately 02:30, they informed me that they would take me with them. I was then wearing sleeping clothes. I asked them to allow me to change my clothes, but they refused. They forced me out. They ordered me to phone my son. I told them that I do not have his phone number. Immediately, a soldier pointed his gun to my head and took me 100 meters away. They put me into an armored personnel carrier. There, I saw Intissar Qandil, the mother of Sufian Qandil, who is also allegedly wanted by IOF. They transported is to Hawara detention center, south of the city. Approximately 20 minutes later, I saw soldiers bringing 3 other women into the detention center: Fadi Qaffisha’s wife; her mother; and a woman from the ‘Aqqouba family. Qaffisha’s wife and her mother were in sleeping clothes. At approximately 11:00, they started to violently interrogate us. At approximately 13:00, they released us. At approximately 02:00 on Thursday, 20 April 2006, IOF raided our house and arrested me. They took me to Hawara detention center. They interrogated me. I was so tried, so I fainted. I woke up at 10:00 finding myself at Belenson Hospital in Tel Aviv. At approximately 19:00, 3 soldiers arrived at the hospital and transported me to Hawara checkpoint. At approximately 01:00 on Wednesday, 26 April 2006, IOF arrested me and my husband. They took us to Hawara detention center handcuffed and blindfolded. A few hours later, a soldier forced us to run and violently beat us. I fainted. I woke up when they poured water onto me. At approximately 13:00, they released us. At approximately 02:00 on Friday, 28 April 2006, IOF raided our house and arrested me again. I fainted while they were interrogating me. Raqia Mohammed Mahmoud Lebbada

How Little They Think of Us: One day, probably too long from now, there will be a further withdrawal, and the Next Israel will finally take shape. Not because Ehud Olmert willed it, certainly not because the Palestinians fostered or forced it. It will be because Israelis want it...Bradley Burston, American who made Aliyah to Israel although Palestinians born in Jaffa, Haifa, Lydda, and 530 depopulated villages may not be buried where they were born

Biography of an almost fallen Israeli Soldier, Ariel Sharon:Mohammad Nabahini, 55, was two at the time and lived in the camp. He survived the attack in the arms of his slain mother.

"My father decided to stay behind when they attacked. He hid in a pile of firewood and pleaded with my mother to stay with him. She was too afraid, and fled with hundreds of others, only to return to take me and a few of her belongings with her," he said.

"As she was escaping, her dress got caught in a fence around the camp, just over there," he gestured, near a field now covered with olive trees.

"And then they threw a bomb at her, Sharon and his men. She tossed me on the ground behind her before she died." [Purity of Arms, 1953 style]

Purity of Arms, 2006 style:The soldiers then dragged Motaz [5]from his father, shouting at the boy who started screaming and begging his father to help him. Samer tried to hold onto and protect Motaz, but his efforts only angered the soldiers further. They turned and beat Samer, separating him from Motaz whom they slapped and yelled at. The soldiers bound Samer's hands and blindfolded him before pushing him into the jeep, shoving Motaz in after him.

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