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Monday, December 05, 2005


Profile in Palestinian Courage

“We are not frightened from them. They have to get used to the idea that this land is our land and we are not leaving it. We will not run away from them even if they forbid us to reach the land. I’m not leaving my land.

“One day the Occupation came and started putting signs on the olive trees. We knew that it means they are preparing to uproot them. When they came at night, the whole village woke up and ran to the lands and forced the bulldozers to stop. Doesn’t the proverb say that everybody needs to die in the end? We found half the trees uprooted and I found myself jumping on a bulldozer. The bulldozer driver jumped out and ran far away from it. What did they expect? If they came to kill us, we will wait in front of them and sure enough every one of us will die. All the village united, from the youngest to the eldest, men and women, gathered on the lands and managed to stop them for four months continuously. Now they come with a huge number of soldiers and they use sticks to beat us badly. Until now parts of my body are still hurting me.”

Aisha lives in Budrus. Read More:

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